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Here is a bit of history; I have dual backgrounds in both Clinical Psychology and Technology and have a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communications and a Masters in Clinical Psychology. Ongoing education includes a certification in Intellectual Property Management and certification work in Project Management and Non-Fiction Writing.

My client experience includes 15 years of professional work in business analyst roles, process improvement, organizational development, content management, training and project management for organizations such as Vulcan, Cingular, T-Mobile, AT&T, Microsoft, Fluke, The Boeing Company, Starbucks, Washington Mutual, Seattle Municipalities, The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Nintendo of America, The University of Washington and Bastyr University.

Previously, I affiliated with the University of Washington's Department of Psychology, via Clinical Nomination and Appointment for work with Borderline Personality Disorder clientele. Other clinical participation included studies of Marital Relations, Dependency & Addiction and extensive work with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Dissociative Disorders.

I have many years experience in coaching and teaching, and currently work in Technical and Medical Writing. Some project examples:

  • Expert in PTSD and the treatment of near death experience recovery. Additional experience in helping individuals return to normalcy yet embracing their amazing survival skills. As someone who survived a near death boating accident in the Alaskan wilderness, I know exactly what this entails and what it takes to do so. We are the lucky ones, we lived!
  • Technical Design Engineering Teams - Facilitate design reviews to document approval & next steps. Hold design reviews, manage technical documentation, resolve issues preventing forward movement of mechanical designs
  • Various Universities - Working with medical students and physicians, providing instruction around patient interviewing, exam interaction & diagnostics
  • City of Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs - Fire Station 9 Artist Selection Panelist, re: external 3-D installation

  • Phinney Neighborhood Association - Created course curriculum for "Things You've Never Heard You Can Do on Word" 

  • Large Eastside Software Corporation publishing group - Facilitated the creation of in-house modular training for new employees with rotating volunteer/mentors. Project Managed the requirements gathering, design and implementation of an internal how-to-publish training program & online publishing process

  • Boeing - Worked in a process improvement group operating under the Carnegie Mellon's People Capability Maturity Model Program, evaluating business division functionality. Designed and facilitated tailored training to fit each groups needs to advance to the next level

  • T-Mobile - eLearning: Project managed the tool development, deployment and subsequent training for a company wide software document performance upgrade for all call centers

  • T-Mobile - HR-IT group: Project managed the research and development of a Time Keeping tool, used to accurately capture call center timecard reports. Company wide deployment of a desk top application

  • Starbucks - Worked on designing an internal training pilot for integrating an SAP module for HR andTesting groups. Performed vendor research across Canada and the US, to find the best Vehicle Reimbursement Program for Starbucks, and arranged the Vendor training (online, WebEx and in person) for Starbucks personnel

  • Large Eastside Software security group - Created and deployed email training to introduce and invite the global population to adopt and use a new secure external email alias. We designed a web-based too that was introduced via email to the global population

  • Large Eastside Software Corporation - Created training for new business planning and marketing campaign tools. Company wide deployment

  • Corporate Training - Created corporate training for middle & upper management in corporate communications. Taught this training (including Train The Trainers) at corporate sites across the US


For detailed coaching and training outlines, and general inquiries, please contact us.

We completed a first of its kind, three quarter Certification program through the University of Washington in IP Management. This program provides a foundation in intellectual property (IP), and provides skills and methods covering the management, copyright, patent, trademark and licensing matters in various fields, including software. I do contract management, contract process improvement & automation, and found art research 

A detailed resume is available upon request.