• The short story "Ordeal" describes my experiences in September of 2013, when I flew to Ketchikan to work a one month project on a fishing vessel. A 25 year veteran of the US Coast Guard (with whom I talked in the mall, not on the water) said he had never heard of anyone surviving what we did.
    Download the "Ordeal", in pdf format.

  • "Banned-Book Art Show" celebrated free speech via Banned Books Week and my piece was displayed at the Kirkland Library show.
    Download the "Banned-Book Art Show article", in pdf format.

  • My short story "Heat" was published by the Pacific Northwest Writers Association.
    Download the short story, "Heat", in pdf format.

  • The short story "Southern Exposure" was written during our travels through the South, when we visited New Orleans.
    Download the short story, "Southern Exposure", in pdf format.

  • This Management Education (Mid Management Training Program) was designed and tailored for training in an international corporation. This Management Education course was recently used in an Executive Leadership Program at Kenan-Flager Business School (2014)
    Download the "ME Training Program", in pdf format.

  • "18 Wheels" is a chronical of a real experience on a road trip to Lake Tahoe.
    Download the "18 Wheels", in pdf format.

  • "Recovering from/through a Near Death Experience" is my true story of surviving the fire that burned my house to the ground.
    Download "Recovering from/through a Near Death Experience" in pdf format.